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Nick PriceWelcome to the Everest Community Academy website. I am very proud to be the Principal of this excellent school and feel honoured to work with such talented and dedicated staff.

We provide an exceptional learning environment and expect every child to work hard, behave well and to show respect and kindness towards others.

I am determined that the school will serve this community well, and be a school that our students and their parents/carers are proud of.

Nick Price

Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy and GirlHi to everyone from your Head Boy and Girl, Wesley and Jenna. We are delighted to have these positions and to be working as part of, and alongside, the Deputies and Ambassadors. The deputies are: Ami Leggett – English, Pastoral; Flynn Sitch-Cunningham – ICT, Pastoral; Josh Farnham – Technology; Paige Vanden – Science.

The Ambassadors are Olly Fennell – Music & Drama; Ola Kozlowska – Art; Aliyah O’Donnell – PE; Afton Aitkenhead – Maths; Conor Graham – Humanities; Chloe Atkins – Dance; Steve Richardson and Kieran Gregory – LRC and Summit; and Gaiyan Barry who is also Sports Captain. For our part, we will be working with the MFL department and helping with the house point system.

Over the past weeks we have been working on our English coursework in preparation for the exam in November. The stress of Year 11 is getting to us all as we all have something on top of English to prepare for, whether it be Geography or French. The Year 11 netball team must have found some time though as they hammered Fort Hill the other week, winning 9-0! A great start to the season girls!

We’ll be writing these articles every newsletter to let you know what we’ve all been up to!